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      Grey Epoxy Top Coat (double)

      Grey Epoxy Top Coat (double)


      Grey Epoxy Top Coat (double)
      1. Product characteristics.
      The paint is made of epoxy resin, titanium dioxide and other pigments, additives, plasticizer adjustment, use according to the proportion of epoxy curing agent. The paint has excellent performance, with excellent water resistance, adhesion toughness and solvent resistance.
      2. Usage instructions.
      (1) Uses.
      The paint is suitable for steel surface anti-corrosion, and oil tank storage tank wall top coat, also can be used for high requirements of water tank, ship hull.
      (2) Construction requirements.
      Recommended number of coating: spraying two, dry film 80μm, brushing or roller coating 2-3 coats.
      Pre-painting: epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy iron intermediate paint, or other two-component epoxy antirust paint, etc.
      Surface treatment: the previous paint should be completely dry and all oil and debris on the paint film should be removed.
      Construction conditions: The temperature of the substrate should be higher than the dew point temperature by more than 3℃. When the outdoor construction temperature is lower than 0℃, the reaction of epoxy and curing agent will stop, so it is not suitable for construction. Relative humidity should not be more than 85%.
      3. Caution.
      Storage period is one year.
      The data in this instruction is obtained in the laboratory, and the actual measured data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data is changed, the latest manual of the company shall prevail without notice.

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