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      Good news! Qilu Paint Industry was selected into the list of the sixth batch of Shandong manufacturing single champion enterprises to be recognized.

      Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province and Shandong Federation of Industrial Economy publicized the list of the sixth batch of individual champions of Shandong manufacturing industry to be identified and the list of the third batch of review to be approved. Shandong Qilu Paint Co., Ltd. was awarded the sixth batch of single champion enterprises in Shandong manufacturing industry.

      "Single champion enterprise in manufacturing industry" refers to the enterprise that has long been focusing on the specific market segment of manufacturing industry, leading the world in production technology or process, and ranking the forefront in the market share of single product in the world. "Single item" means that the enterprise must focus on the target market and intensively work in related fields for a long time; "Champion" requires enterprises to have a strong market position and a very high market share, and to have champion-level market position and technical strength in subdivided fields.

      Qilu paint industry is an industry-leading paint R&D and production integrated enterprise, which has successively obtained several new technologies, new processes and new products for environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, which have strongly promoted the scientific and technological progress and sustainable development of the enterprise.

      This breakthrough has stimulated our enterprise's scientific and technological innovation, made fine investment, and continuously deepened the vitality and confidence in the field of water-based coatings, which has provided encouragement and strong support for upgrading the status of domestic and foreign industries and maintaining super competitive advantages.

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