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      Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission ▏ Celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Communist Party of China(CPC) warmly.

              The Communist Party of China(CPC)'s 101st birthday is celebrated on July 1st, 2022. Starlight doesn't ask the passers-by, and history belongs to the strugglers. Over the past century, in the historical torrent of revolution, construction and reform, the Communist Party of China(CPC) people have never stopped struggling. From the beginning of the founding of the Party, to the new China, to the earth-shaking reform and opening up, and then to the historic changes in the new era, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China(CPC), the Chinese nation is full of vitality in the process of modernization!

               On the occasion of commemorating the 101st anniversary of the Communist Party of China(CPC), Qilu Lacquer Industry Do not forget your initiative mind keeps its mission in mind, actively advocates sustainable development, and deeply integrates green environmental protection and low-carbon health into the blood of the enterprise. After thirty-seven years' struggle, Qilu coatings are now exported at home and abroad, and have good cooperation with tens of thousands of large enterprises, making great strides in providing high-quality environmental protection coatings to users all over the world. Contribute to the national environmental protection cause, the green mountains and green mountains of the motherland, and the realization of the great Chinese dream!

             Qilu paint industry sincerely wishes the great motherland prosperity! Happy birthday to my dear party!

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