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      Children's Day ▏ Qilu presents gifts to make the room only smell of love.

      Regardless of age

       As long as we remain childlike.

       We have always had our own Children's Day.

       Qilu lacquer protects the health of you and your family.

      Ensure the health of materials, build a safe castle, and choose wall coating instead of being cheap. Choose brand coating with good quality and reputation (Qilu coating) to ensure its raw materials are green and environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, Qilu paint has samples for customers to inspect. When purchasing, it is best to judge the quality of wall paint by smoothness, smell, chromaticity or the feel of the sample.

      Qilu paint industry pays close attention to the health and quality of people's home life, and constantly develops, produces and sells healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable paint products, providing consumers with high-quality and high-performance green paint, and creating a healthy, comfortable, warm and happy living environment.










      Qilu Paint will create a healthy, environment-friendly and fashionable beautiful homeland for more families!

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