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      ABOUT US


       core values

      "Team" culture, "employee", "Customer", "Company" Trinity
      Business philosophy
      Infinite loop limited resources to the people-oriented scientific development
      Management Policy
      People-oriented law compliance excellence Continuous Improvement
      The spirit of enterprise
      Communication to "frank," "friendly"
      To act "norms", "transparent"
      Man to be "three hearts": mind, heart, heart to heart
      "Three" companies and employees: "Challengers", "learning", "forward model"
      Working standard
      Reasonable, economy, efficiency
      "Cultural unity, clear responsibilities, clear process" standardized management objectives
      Management objectives
      "Cultural unity, clear responsibilities, clear process"



      Every expansion training will leave some unforgettable people and things, enjoy from ice breaking to liberating nature, in the process of team cohesion and team sublimation. Excellent companies cannot do without excellent teams, and different teams have different stories.

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